Benefits of 2D Animation in Advertising

Today’s marketing consists of thousands of tools, schemes, and gimmicks to reach consumers in a difficult and competitive industry. When it comes to designing a TV commercial, promotional video, or presentation, falling back to the basics can really make your message stand out amongst a slew of overused graphics.

Animation can be used as a powerful tool to gain critical marketing ground. Clean design comes in all forms, and pairing it with 2D animation specifically can achieve an exciting look without overwhelming the target market. Now, we’re not talking about pen and paper traditional animation here. As beautiful as it can be, traditional animation is extremely expensive and time consuming, often out of the question for many companies on tight budgets and deadlines. With today’s modern tools, however, creating beautiful and clean digital animations using vectors has never been more attractive. Fully editable and scalable, they can be used to add a custom touch to banner ads, mobile sites, commercials, apps, loading screens, video walls, and more.

Since names like Warner Brothers and Disney have revolutionized the methods of animation, advancing from paper cutouts to digital characters on computer screens, we have loved the idea of colorful, clean characters and graphics to tell a story. With the advent of 3D animation, many advertisers are veering away from 2D to fall in with the trend. The trouble is, it is extremely expensive and time consuming to do it well, thus the advantage of 2D. It creates a warm and gentle tone, relating especially with younger audiences, and enjoyed by all alike. There are no physical boundaries with 2D animation, and unlike 3D, abstract ideas and services can be portrayed with graceful elegance. Storytelling using clean vectors appears modern and fun, adding a cutting edge that consumers will associate with your brand.