Five Tips on Brand Building

Building a brand can seem daunting for small companies. In this economy, generating enough business to keep afloat is a real challenge. Branding can help you develop relationships with clients by formulating positive associations with your products. How do you do this? It comes down to five core ideas that are essential to building your business.

Authenticity and Reliability
Provide clients with the means to trust your business by dealing honestly. Be as authentic as possible, but follow the business models of successful companies. By providing reliable products and services unique to your brand, consumers will associate that specific product only with you. Be an innovator and show what makes your company special. Quality, thoughtfulness, and individuality in the way you manufacture, package, and market your products will go a long way in making you stand out as a company.

Show, Not Tell
Bragging will not get you far as a company until you prove what you say is true. Nestle does not say upfront that they have the best candy bars in the world while showing stock footage of candy bars or photographs of their factory. They use more inciting methods to win consumer appeal by explaining the decadence of chocolate while showing video of chocolate melting on screen. Words such as ‘the best products’, ‘offer world class service’, and ‘are made up of professionals’ make you seem quite the opposite. Instead, prove those claims by showing customers your products and track record in advertisements and on your website.

Customer Service
Customer service keeps customers coming back. Take each customer seriously, treat them as individuals, use feedback to improve business, and remember: what you or your employees say and do will make a lasting impression on your customers. Reviews especially can make a huge impact on the reputation of your business. Excellent service will ensure positive impressions.

Keep your brand consistent. If you decide your company will make only cakes, do not go selling hamburgers. Consumers want to know that your business is reliable and will turn out consistently good results every time. Continuity helps establish trust. Keep the look and feel of your brand the same., advertise in a similar style, and when making product design changes, keep some of the same attributes of the former design so the new design feels like a fresh modern version of the original.

Core Brand Values
Straying from your company’s core values can make your company look inconsistent. If you are striving to source all of your packaging materials from recycled goods, then do not order virgin packaging. Keep the original intentions of your company alive in every product and service you offer. Train your employees using the ideals of the company. This establishes trust in your brand.

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